Monday, November 21, 2005

zero comments

zero comments but meh who cares ay? might as well finish you all my personal info if no ones ever gonna read it. well firstly i live with my mum and younger brother jordan and yeah he is the jordan in grade nine, head of footy team going out with Tia Morgan. more people knwo my little brother then know me and yes it goes piss me off. secondly my dad isnt dead or in jail hes in fact living in sydney with his wife and my half sister Louise who is actully pretty nice. and yes i did spend all of fifth period looking down Laura Jud's top because she was sitting on the floor next to my desk talking to her friends. i listened hard to overhear everything that she said, her laugh made me feel happy and when her voice dropped to an almost whisper i felt cold. shes so perfect, shes blonde, shes always happy even when shes angry she kind of smiles so that no one can tell but i can most of the time. she des swimming on thurdsays, shes not very good. i know becuase one day i was there with jordan and she was doing laps. she did 9 laps then stopped for a break and did another 12. jordan whistled at her and she smiled at him and i hated him so much for it. why is he so confident? why is he better lookign then me? why can he whistle at Laura Jud. my angel. im the oldest. im going this is jsut making me angry. jordan is a little creep and one day everyone will realize what hes really like.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

hello all

hello all, i've never done one of these before but everyone else i know has one so i thought id do it to. well yer about me, im 15, guy, go to Crestwood State High. hmm well anyways today i had school, it was friday which means i don't have to wake up, see anyone or do anythibng for the next two whole days. there only consequence being that i don't get to see Laura. i don't mind saying that i like Laura in here cuz she'd never waste her time reading anything id written, and if she happened to read this thinking it was somebody elses she wouldnt know who i am anyway. but shes beautiful. anywas im starting squash again next week. mums making me but i dont wanna. no one plays squash im gonna get so paid out on but i dont care. she reckonz im really good at it but im not im shit as.